Post Covid-19 lockdown and new working procedures

24th August 2020

Following the UK Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, dental practices were sanctioned by the government to reopen from June 8 th 2020, subject to extensive modifications to working practices. These were necessary to provide a safe environment for patients to receive dental care and for dental staff to undertake it. Wanstead Dental Practice implemented new working procedures in line with healthcare guidelines and the practice reopened to treat patients on June 15th. We have set out below an outline of the changes and new operating procedures that are in place.

What you can expect from us

  • The practice will continue to operate a closed door policy; the practice entrance door will only be opened for booked appointments.
  • We will contact you by telephone and ask questions regarding your current medical status, any dental problems that concern you or a family member and possible dental care and treatment you might need. Due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic we need to gather additional personal data with respect to Covid-19. This is used to help PHE ( now part of the new agency National Institute for Health Protection) monitor and manage the response to Covid-19 in relation to dental activity specifically and our response generally to the virus.
  • When you arrive for your pre-booked appointment, we will take your temperature, record information about your health again and your Covid-19 status. We will take you to a hand hygiene station in the practice to enable you to wash your hands.
  • You will notice that we have removed certain items such as toys and magazines to make cleaning more straight forward. Remaining waiting room chairs will be 2 metres apart. Where possible, we will endeavour to keep the waiting area free for you, but please remember to abide with physical distancing as much as possible.
  • There will be a Perspex screen at reception.
  • We will be using more personal protective equipment. For procedures that generate aerosols we will wear additional PPE including appropriate gown, respirator mask and overlay surgical mask and visor.
  • Treatments will take longer to allow for changes in protocols and undertake necessary cleaning procedures that have been implemented.
  • Toilet facilities will be available but will be restricted and only available on request.
  • Staff training is ongoing to keep up to date and abreast of any changes in protocols and policy.

What we expect from you

  • If you have any questions please try and ask these over the phone. We access emails on a regular basis, but verbal communication is preferable.
  • Report any possible Covid-19 symptoms so we can keep you and other patients and staff members safe when they visit the practice.
  • Try and arrive at your allocated appointment time to maintain social distancing from other patients in the waiting areas.
  • Wear a face covering which covers both your nose and your mouth unless you have told us a reason why you are unable to comply.
  • Wash your hands on arrival and departure from the practice; we will direct you do a hand hygiene station.
  • If at all possible try to come alone. We understand if you have a child that cannot be left, but where possible and safe to do so, try to leave other family members or friends outside or in a vehicle.
  • Please try to limit the number of personal items you bring; try to only bring the items that are absolutely necessary.
  • Report any symptoms of COVID-19 that develop in the two week period after your visit to the practice.
  • Provide cashless payment wherever possible

We will endeavour to treat you with dignity and respect and trust that you will reciprocate. Please be assured that during these difficult times, we will do our utmost to keep you and your family safe at Wanstead Dental Practice

Howard and Joan Pay
Wanstead Dental Practice August 2020